Another Hemp CBD product review and up this week we have more delicious CBD infused edibles with the CBD infused granola from Purdies Incredibles.

Purdies Incredibles are a United Kingdom based manufacturer of CBD infused edible products such as their award winning CBD infused granola, their CBD infused hot sauce and many other products.

Purdies CBD Infused granola comes in two different flavours including Almond, Cranberry and Walnut and the flavour we are reviewing on the blog today which is Chocolate, Hazelnut and Raisins.

Their CBD-infused granola is slow-baked in small batches to enhance the flavour but not degrade the CBD.

Packed with roasted hazelnuts, smooth dark chocolate and plump raisins, and a generous 30mg of full-spectrum CBD in each serving.

Purdies Incredibles CBD Infused Granola - Chocolate, Hazelnut & Raisin Review

Purdies Incredibles CBD Infused Granola - Chocolate, Hazelnut & Raisin Review

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I am a huge fan of the full-spectrum CBD Oil infused granola by Purdies Incredibles.

The CBD infused granola is delicious, healthy and a very convenient way of getting your daily CBD(cannabidiol) oil needs.

At 30mg of full-spectrum CBD oil per serving, the CBD infused granola packs a potent punch for medicating with CBD.

The addition of the chocolate drops make the CBD infused granola really indulgent and the chocolate, hazelnut and raisin is definitely my favorite flavour of the CBD infused granolas from Purdies.

The ingredients of the CBD infused granola are all very healthy, natural and make for an excellent nutritious high fiber breakfast or snack at any time of the day.

I find a bag does about 3 generous portions for a breakfast, although sometimes I just polish off an entire bag if I am out or at work.

Overall: I would definitely recommend our readers who are interested in healthy CBD oil infused edibles to check out Purdies Incredibles range of products.



£11.00 per 100g


Jumbo rolled oats, organic rye flakes, wheat flakes, barley flakes, honey, hazelnuts, chocolate(milk), raisins, cranberries, molasses, pumpkin seeds, coconut oil, sunflower oil, full-spectrum CBD oil, salt.

Where To Purchase

To purchase Purdies Incredibles CBD Infused Granola check out their website at: Purdies Incredibles

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